DHS Leads the Way in Adoption of New Government-wide Travel System

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS), along with the entire Federal Government, is transitioning to a new shared travel solution known as the E-Gov Travel Service (ETS2). In planning for this move, DHS was determined to become one of the first Government agencies to adopt the ETS2 solution and begin realizing the efficiency gains of the new system.

“DHS is seeing great financial benefits by being early adopters of an ETS2 solution,” said Avie Snow, Resource Management Transformation Director in OCFO who heads up the effort. “In these austere budget times DHS is way out in front, really working hard with our Components and taking the opportunity to save valuable resources.”

As of February 2014, the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center (FLETC), the Domestic Nuclear Detection Office (DNDO), and DHS’s Intelligence & Analysis/ Operations (IA/OPS) Division are live on ETS2. More importantly, by the close of 2014, all DHS Components currently on the FedTraveler solution will complete their migrations to ETS2. Strong leadership support and ensuring the proper resources were aligned to the ETS2 project have been critical to ensuring the project stays on schedule and on track.

One of the tactics the Department is employing throughout the transition period is to take lessons learned and best practices from the early implementations and apply them to the remaining Components. Below are some of the lessons learned that DHS is using to guide upcoming migrations:

• Adapt a Component’s business processes to the new ETS2 system to reduce and/or eliminate additional development costs from the vendor;

• Provide access to ETS2 video simulations prior to the start of instructor-led training classes to improve efficiency;

• Agree upon a single configuration across multiple customers to reduce the amount of rework; and

• Share lessons learned across the board, providing Agencies opportunities to leverage existing best practices.

ETS2 solutions are designed to provide hassle-free navigation and customer friendly features. This will allow Government travelers to do more self-service, on line booking of flights, hotel and transportation without relying on a much more costly service line. The ETS2 solution also provides increased reporting capabilities, helping agencies get better insight into their agencies travel activity and strengthening travel managers ability to identify low cost travel options for Federal travelers.

As DHS looks forward to finalizing the migration to ETS2, the Department will continue to share valuable lessons learned and best practices with their counterparts on the CFO Council as other agencies move to complete their own transition to the new ETS2 solution.

– Chip Fulgham, Chief Financial Officer (Acting), Department of Homeland Security

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