CXO Fellows: Jill Larvo

The CXO Fellows Program regularly features members of the class of 2015-2016. This is a part of that series.

Name: Jill Larvo
Title: Financial Specialist
Agency: Department of the Interior

Describe your strangest day at work. Getting to the office and finding out the power was out in the whole building because a transformer blew. I found out we could go home and met up with my mother for coffee, then headed to the movies.

What was your worst summer or part-time job? I’ve really only had one summer/part-time job. I worked at a local electronics chain for 20 years. I started in high school and “retired” in 2006 from retail. Christmas in retail was terrible. You got to see the worst in people come out.

When you were younger, what did you want to be when you grew up? I wanted to be a veterinarian.  I didn’t know I had a phobia to needles until I was older.  

Who was your most-valued mentor? The boss I had for 20 years, Bary Maddox.  I grew up working for/with him and he taught me about sales, work ethic, people and life in general.  

Who is your favorite artist or musical group? Garbage – a band from the 90’s that just celebrated the 20 year anniversary of their first album (of same name).  Punk/pop is the closest genre, I think.  

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