Updating Progress on COFAR Priorities for FY 16-17

The COFAR Principals, led by the Controller of OMB, meet annually to discuss progress and set future priorities. In November 2015, the COFAR finalized and approved the FY16-17 Council priorities. The COFAR has publicly posted its priorities on the COFAR website since 2013 as a best practice to increase transparency of its activities and hold itself accountable for results.  The website is also periodically updated with an updated slidedeck documenting its accomplishments against its planned areas of work. The current priorities are grouped around 5 themes: 1) Guidance Targets Risk and Minimizes Burden; 2) Standardized Business Processes and Data; 3) Spending Transparency; 4) Well-trained Workforce; and 5) Strong Program Oversight: Audit Resolution.

The COFAR met in November 2016 to discuss progress on the current priorities. Accomplishments for FY 2016 include:

  • Analyzed new data regarding recipient burden and provided recommendations on proposed changes to the Uniform Guidance
  • Identified changes needed to existing guidance in Title 2 of the Code of Federal Regulations to implement DATA Act data standards
  • Published Modules 1-3 of the Grants 101 Course
  • Published 2016 Compliance Supplement

See the below slide deck to see the accomplishments for FY 2016 and future work planned through FY 2017.