Department of the Interior
Deputy Chief Financial Officer

Doug Glenn

Douglas A. Glenn is currently serving at the Department of Interior as the Deputy Chief Financial Officer and Director of the Office of Financial Management. Prior to that, Doug served as the Finance Director at NASA and the Deputy Chief Financial Officer for Financial Policy and Operations at the General Services Administration from 6/2004 to 6/2010. Doug’s proudest accomplishments include:

• Implementing the A-123 program at GSA;
• Achieving the fourth best audit/internal control report of all CFO Act agencies;
• Reducing GSA’s Significant Deficiency/Reportable Condition from six to two;
• Filing the Performance and Accountability Report (PAR) six days early and before any other agency. No other agency in the history of the CFO Act has submitted their PAR sooner.
• A green rating (2006 – 2008) for the President’s Management Agenda for financial performance (it was red when he started); and
• Green ratings in all nine Treasury MTS performance measures (only three other agencies could make this claim at the time).

A native of San Diego, CA, Mr. Glenn holds a BS in Finance, from the University of Colorado at Bolder. He is a Certified Public Accountant despite the AICPA losing his exam on one occasion; and a former Certified Management Accountant. He has co-authored procedures listed in appendix I of the Office of Management Bulletin No. 01-02, Audit Requirements for Federal Financial Statements and portions of the A-123 Implementation Guide. In addition, he co-chaired A-136 Committees in 2008 – 2010 and served as the President of the Washington DC AGA chapter.