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Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) Playbook Released

Today, the Chief Financial Officers Council (CFOC) and the Performance Improvement Council (PIC) release the Playbook: Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) for the U.S. Federal Government. The Playbook and accompanying appendices are tools designed to help government departments and agencies meet requirements of the revised Office of Management and Budget Circular A -123. They are also … Continued

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A-123 and ERM Playbook Previewed at Federal Enterprise Risk Management Event

On June 29, OMB Controller David Mader led an event at the Partnership for Public Service about Federal Enterprise Risk Management. The event included an update on the A-123 Circular, expected to be released in July. The A-123 Circular presents a government-wide enterprise risk management (ERM) framework which will be rolled out over the next … Continued

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