The CXO Fellows for 2016-2017 are (grouped by agency):

Agency Functional Area First Name Last Name
Agriculture IT Brian Brotsos
CFPB Acquisitions Jeremy Jenkins
Commerce Finance Fernandez Boards
Commerce IT Kevin Carpenter
Commerce Acquisitions Kristen Evangelista
Commerce Acquisition Cory Worley
Commodities Futures Trading Commission Acquisitions Sonda Owens
Commodities Futures Trading Commission Finance Soyoung Rosin
Corporation for National & Community Service IT Stanley Smith
DHS Finance Allison Walker
DoD IT Charleen Laughlin
DoD Finance Heidi Mahoney
DoD Acquisition Craig Stiller
DoD (Army) Acquisitions Regina Foston
DOJ IT Nikki Collier
DOJ Finance Stephanie Gresham
DOJ Acquisition Laura Mabe
DOJ Finance Cordelia Smith
ED Acquisitions Barakat Shakir
ED Acquisitions Heather Watroba
Education Acquisition Kimberly Espinosa
Education Finance Arrington Smith
EOP Finance Gelila Teshome
EPA Acquisition Eulvid Rocque
EPA Finance Vickie Spencer
Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation IT David Mentall
Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation IT Reem Nazzal-Hajeer
Federal Labor Relations Board IT Dave Fontaine
Federal Trade Commission Acquisitions Artis (Tony) Carter
Federal Trade Commission Acquisitions Chloe Collins
GSA Acquisition Aliza Brown
GSA Acquisitions Tony Hubbard
GSA IT Angela McPherson
GSA Finance Mark Sachse
HHS Finance Kathryn Craig
HHS Acquisition Elyse Kennedy
Interior IT Kim Frejo
Interior Finance Michelle Carter
Labor Acquisition Lorey Carter
Labor Finance Bryan Fike
NASA IT Leslie Cahoon
NASA Acquisition Meredith Hart
NASA IT Tracee McCall
National Battle Monuments Commission Acquisitions William Leady
National Endowment for the Arts IT Mark Bellinger
NRC IT Yael Camacho-Bonaparte
NRC Finance Jo Simpson
NSF Finance Chris Andall
NSF Finance Chris Berner
NSF Acquisition Christina Carter-Kurant
NSF Finance Angel Lane
NSF IT Robyn Rees
Nuclear Waste Technical Review Board IT Jayson Bright
OPM Acquisition Merwin Charles
OPM Finance Reed Samuel
OPM Finance Tonya Twyman
Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation Acquisitions Carrie Lopez
Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation IT Susan Schlutz-Searcy
SBA IT Patrice Haynesworth
SSA Finance Shannon Wittman
Treasury Finance Jason Duke
Treasury Acquisitions Malone Regina
Treasury Acquisition Michele Sharpe
USDA, Rural Development IT Robin Talmadge
VA Acquisitions Laura Brown
VA IT Tarneisha Gross
VA Acquisition Khaliah McLaurin
VA IT Kirk Robinson
VA Acquisitions Bogdan Vaga