MyCareer – Federal Financial Management: Your Guide to a career in Federal Financial Management

Welcome to MyCareer – Federal Financial Management, your guide to a career in Federal financial management. MyCareer – Federal Financial Management is a development tool for careers in Federal financial management created by the CFO Council in partnership with agency subject matter experts.

  • Select a Federal financial management occupation that you are interested in from the list below. You will see a roadmap image. These roadmap images are interactive.
  • Hover over a competency on the roadmap to find a description of that competency.
  • Click on a career level to find information about the competencies for that occupation along with their description and expected behaviors for your selected level.
    • If you are a GS 7 – 9, select Entry
    • If you are a GS 11 – 13, select Mid
    • If you are a GS 14 – 15, select Senior

This roadmap serves as an informational resource for federal agencies to encourage and support the continual professional development and career progression of FM personnel. More specifically, the competencies outlined in this roadmap can be used to identify and prioritize the FM workforce’s development needs.

This roadmap is intended for reference and developmental purposes only, and recommendations provided herein reflect suggestions for employee development. These recommendations may be considered in concert with OPM Position Classification standards and Agency-specific workforce development initiatives. Organizational policy decisions (e.g., hiring, promotions, pay determination, etc.) should be based on current OPM Position Classification standards.