Uniform Guidance

In December 2014, OMB together with Federal awarding agencies issued an interim final rule to implement the Uniform Administrative Requirements, Cost Principles, and Audit Requirements for Federal Awards (Uniform Guidance). This guidance and implementing regulations delivers on President Obama’s second term management agenda and his first term directives under Executive Order 13520, the February 28, 2011 Presidential Memorandum, and the objectives laid out in OMB Memorandum M-13-17 to better target financial risks and better direct resources to achieve evidence-based outcomes. The final guidance, originally published December 26, 2013 (available at 78 FR 78589) simultaneously improves performance, transparency, and oversight for Federal awards. The COFAR will measure the impact of this guidance as described under M-14-17.

Questions about the Uniform Guidance? Check the Frequently Asked Questions, and then our Training page.

July 2016: Uniform Guidance: Promising Practices in Implementation

Opening Remarks Dave Mader, Controller, OMB Rhea Hubbard, Policy Analyst, OMB Gil Tran, Policy Analyst, OMB Promising Practices in Implementation: Risk Assessment (Panel 1) Andrea Brandon, Director, Financial Assistance Policy and Oversight, Department of Homeland Security and COFAR Co-Chair Phil Maestri, Director, Risk Management Service, U.S. Department of Education Moderator: Rhea Hubbard, Policy Analyst, OMB … Continued

July 2015: OMB Uniform Guidance Training Series hosted by eCIVIS

In 2015, OMB participated in a Uniform Guidance Training Series featuring Victoria Collin, Senior Policy Analyst at the Office of Management and Budget. The training was hosted by the City of Los Angeles and eCIVIS. You can see all 10 training sessions here.

October 2014: Uniform Guidance Implementation: A Series of Dialogues

Opening Remarks Session 1: Internal Controls Session 2: Procurement Standards Session 3: Single Audit Reporting Session 4: Administrative Flexibilities Session 5: Indirect Cost Rates for Subrecipients

January 2014: Training webcast for Uniform Guidance

Intro Administrative Requirements (slides available at: COFAR Training Administrative Requirements 1-27-14 Slides) Cost Principles (slides available at: COFAR Training Cost Principles 1-27-14 Slides) Audit Requirements (slides available at: COFAR Training Audit Requirements 1-27-14 Slides)

December 2013: Introducing the Uniform Guidance: Improving Outcomes by Reducing Red Tape for Financial Assistance

February 2013: Roundtable with Federal and non-Federal stakeholders on proposed uniform guidance